Top Tips for Selling Your Home

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Looking to sell your home? Follow our top tips to get the best possible price. From preparing your property for viewings to negotiating with buyers, we’ve got everything covered. So whether you’re a first-time seller or a seasoned pro, make sure you check out our advice before putting your home on the market. Good luck!

Get your home valued by a professional

It’s always a good idea to get an accurate value of your home before putting it on the market. Not only will it give you an exact idea of how much it should be worth but also provide insight into whether there could be any modifications that would make it more attractive or valuable to buyers. Working with a reliable, experienced real estate professional can make all the difference when valuing your property as they understand what features could add or detract from its worth and are better able to figure out the best price for you. Whether you’re looking to rent or purchase a new home, getting a professional appraisal is the surest way to know its true value.

Give your home a fresh coat of paint – first impressions count!

Your home makes a first impression on many people, whether you realise it or not. It can be a reflection of your personality and style, and should reflect how much you care about investing in its upkeep. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest ways to create a positive effect. If done well, it will instantly enhance the look of your property, creating an inviting front that people cannot help but be attracted to. Not only does this project cost almost nothing in comparison to other remodeling projects, it can also increase the value of your house as well as its curb appeal.

De-clutter and depersonalise

One of the most important things you can do to make sure it sells quickly is to declutter and depersonalise. This means removing any items that have been collected over time that could detract from a potential buyer’s ability to imagine living in your home. From knick-knacks, to excess furniture and appliances, give the house a thorough clean-up so buyers can feel free to envision their own belongings in empty spaces that provide the perfect canvas for them. Not only will this give buyers a chance picture themselves living in your home, but it also helps create an atmosphere of open space and light.

Take good quality photos

When it comes time to list your home for sale, it’s important to make a good impression through quality photographs. Professional photographers are highly skilled at taking the best shots and know how to highlight its best features in order to attract buyers online. Whether you’re selling condominiums or a sprawling estate, hiring a professional photographer will ensure your property looks its best and stands out from the competition. Not only that, they’ll save you the trouble of having to learn the intricacies of photography yourself. The cost of hiring a professional photographer is well worth it if it means higher offers on your property!

At Ashton White we have a trained professional property photographer and floor planner, your home will be presented in the most stunning light. The pictures taken of your property will be professionally enhanced to capture its best features, captivating potential buyers with just one glance. Thanks to our expertise, you’ll be left wondering why you ever wanted to leave your beloved home!

Market your home effectively

When it comes to marketing your home effectively, you want to be sure that you’re utilising all avenues, both online and off. By using online platforms like Rightmove and Zoopla, you’ll reach a vast audience of potential buyers – but don’t forget how useful traditional methods can be, too. Newspaper adverts and For Sale signs can still earn a lot of attention from local buyers, as well as passersby – so think outside the box and combine both online and traditional methods to get the most bang for your buck!

We know that advertising your property in the right places is essential to ensure a successful sale. That’s why at Ashton White we utilise both online and traditional methods of marketing, we advertise on Rightmove (with Premium listings as standard) and on our own website. We also advertise properties in our window displays and additionally, we recommend erecting a ‘For Sale’ sign outside your property to further advertise it to passers-by and help prospective buyers locate it for viewings.

Putting your home up for sale is always a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Before you begin the process of selling, it’s essential to get your home valued by a professional, who can give you an accurate estimate of how much your property is worth. Fail to plan and you can plan to fail, and that’s where taking the time to make a few small changes around your home comes in. A fresh coat of paint here, de-cluttering there – these all help potential buyers get an idea of how beautiful the property actually is. It’s also important to remember that when selling online, good quality photos are essential – invest in hiring a professional photographer if possible, as they’re skilled in making homes look fabulous on camera. Equally vital is getting the word out there about your property – advertise in newspapers, for sale signs and don’t forget about the power of online estate agents such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Overall, selling your home doesn’t have to be stressful – take the right steps and you’ll find yourself with an attractive asking price sooner than you know it!

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Landlord Fees

One Months Rent plus VAT (of the achieved monthly rent)

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Arrangement of required safety and compliance certificates
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Negotiating tenancy offers
  • Full credit/reference checking of potential tenants
  • Collecting first months rent and deposit from the tenant
  • Arranging signature of the tenancy agreement by the tenant
  • Provide copy documentation to landlord and tenant
  • Provide tenant with method of payment information for future rents

Set-up fee 60% inc VAT (of the achieved first first months rent)

Rent Collection Fee 8% inc VAT per calendar month, gross rents due.

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Arrangement of required safety and compliance certificates
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Negotiating tenancy offers
  • Full credit/reference checking of potential tenants
  • Collecting first months rent and deposit from the tenant
  • Arranging signature of the tenancy agreement
  • Collect and remit the monthly rent received
  • Deduct commission and other works
  • Pursue non-payment of rent and provide advice on rent arrears actions
  • Make any HMRC deduction and provide tenant with the NRL8 (if relevant)
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