Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Estate Agent

Selecting the right estate agent is vital when purchasing or selling a property. They can either streamline the process or turn it into a stressful ordeal. This guide aims to provide you with the steps to find the best estate agent for your requirements.Research Local Estate Agents:Begin by researching local estate agents in your vicinity. Look for agents with a reputable track record of successful...


The Simple Guide To A Stress-Free Moving Experience

Moving house, the phrase alone can conjure up images of chaos, endless packing, and stress levels soaring off the charts. But fear not, for a stress-free move is not merely a pipe dream. With careful planning, a sprinkle of organisation, and a dash of positivity, you can navigate the journey to your new abode with ease. To help you make the most out of this exciting experience, we have put together a...

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Assess the 2024 Property Market in Billericay & Surrounding Areas With The Number One Independent estate agents in Billericay

As we welcome the new year, the real estate landscape in and around Billericay, Essex, is poised for an optimistic shift. Recent insights from HMRC reveal a dip in property transactions in 2023, presenting a narrative of cautious adaptation rather than a decline in housing prices. At Ashton White Estate Agents, we explore these market dynamics and anticipate a surge in activity for the next six months,...

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Navigating the Current Real Estate Landscape: Stability Amidst Fragility 

In recent months, the housing market has exhibited signs of stability, providing a glimmer of hope for both buyers and sellers. According to Nationwide, house prices experienced a modest 0.2% growth in November, marking the third consecutive month of positive movement. The national annual fall now stands at -2.0%, a figure that hints at a more balanced market. These changes have been influenced by...

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Ashton Whites Celebrate Stability: A Win-Win for Vendors and Buyers!

The decision made on the 2nd of November 2023 to maintain the Bank Rate at 5.25% has brought a sense of stability to the UK housing market, igniting optimism for both vendors and buyers. At Ashton Whites, we are committed to supporting our clients in this exciting period of stability. For vendors, it is a positive signal, encouraging them to list their properties confidently. And for buyers, it is an...

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A Guide to Shared Ownership for First-Time Buyers

Owning a home is a dream cherished by many, but for first-time buyers, it can often seem like an unattainable goal in today's real estate market. The soaring property prices, coupled with the requirement for substantial down payments, can deter many from leaping into homeownership. However, there's a solution that's gaining popularity and making homeownership more accessible – Shared...

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Unravelling the UK’s First-Time Homebuyer Market: A Look at Deposit Trends and More

Buying a home for the first time is an exciting yet challenging endeavour, particularly in the context of the UK's dynamic property market. Over the past five years, there has been a noticeable change in the average deposit required by first-time homebuyers. This article explores these changes and provides insights into what first-time homeowners can expect in the current climate. The Shift in Average...


Location vs House – What’s More Important?

When it comes to buying a home, the old adage "location, location, location" often rings true. But how much weight should you really place on the property's location versus the house itself? To help you understand how this can impact your home-buying experience we delve into the importance of both factors and their impact on house prices. The Importance of Location Location is often considered the...

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Additional fees to prepare for when buying a home

Buying a new home can be an exciting and life-changing decision, but it can also be quite challenging. The process involves various fees, from legal fees to stamp duty and ongoing payments. As a first-time buyer or homeowner, you must prepare financially for these fees to ensure a smooth and stress-free purchase. Upfront Costs Mortgage Fees: Choosing a mortgage lender comes with different...

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UK House Prices in July 2023: Are They Falling?

House prices have been a hot topic in the UK for many years. With inflation, Brexit uncertainty, and the current pandemic, it's no surprise that people are curious about the current state of house prices. So, are UK house prices falling in July 2023? According to recent reports, UK house prices have risen by 1.2% in the last year. While this is a drop from last month's 1.9%, it's still a positive sign...

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Landlord Fees

One Months Rent plus VAT (of the achieved monthly rent)

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Arrangement of required safety and compliance certificates
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Negotiating tenancy offers
  • Full credit/reference checking of potential tenants
  • Collecting first months rent and deposit from the tenant
  • Arranging signature of the tenancy agreement by the tenant
  • Provide copy documentation to landlord and tenant
  • Provide tenant with method of payment information for future rents

Set-up fee 60% inc VAT (of the achieved first first months rent)

Rent Collection Fee 8% inc VAT per calendar month, gross rents due.

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Arrangement of required safety and compliance certificates
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Negotiating tenancy offers
  • Full credit/reference checking of potential tenants
  • Collecting first months rent and deposit from the tenant
  • Arranging signature of the tenancy agreement
  • Collect and remit the monthly rent received
  • Deduct commission and other works
  • Pursue non-payment of rent and provide advice on rent arrears actions
  • Make any HMRC deduction and provide tenant with the NRL8 (if relevant)
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